Punjab Culture & Lifestyle

These pictures are from old time lifestyle of punjabi people, in a typical punjabi culture portrait. Punjabi woman

Farmer & his wife at fields of wheat.

Malwai Gidha


In old times punjabi utensils were made of copper.


Glass also called "glassy" in punjabi language.


Old house window in panjabi village.


Nihang Babas

a Nihang taking his horse.

Punjabi girls sitting in-front of door
"muteaaran punjab diyan"

best explained through pictures


  1. I am not Punjabi & have never lived in India-my parents were born in Goa, but I admire the Sikh culture & feel that all Indians should read their history & change their attitude towards the Sikhs.

  2. I am Punjabi but Muslim not Sikh but the Punjab is home to Hindu's, Sikh's, Muslim's, Christian's and many more religions
    we are all one and should never forget.
    I love the Punjab I would do anything to save punjab's people and culture.
    I was born in the Uk but my Grandparents came from Punjab they told me many stories about the Punjab and I wish to visit some day East Punjab and West Punjab

  3. Punjab is the beauty of India

  4. i proud to be a punjabi ,i born and broughtup in punjab but i respect all religions we should never forget all religions are same ,waheguru ne ah kade nhi keha h k kise religion na dheiyo te fir ah duniya kyu nhi samjhdi aj vi dharm de naam te kehne dange hunde ,main ek punjaban a sikh family to haan pr main ek muslim nu pyar krdi a ,pr meri family eh nhi samjh rhi k sab ek hi h jad ki oh puja gurunanak dev ji di krishan ji di te khawaja peer di krde ne .pr rishta nhi jod skde kyu?.........agar is bhed bhaw ko mitana h to dil se mmitao na khali words mein .satshriakal

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  5. I am punjabi but never stayed in Lovely Punjab, Its my dream to visit each corner of Punjab and learn about Punjabi culture

  6. i am punjabi and i have all old antique things virsa of old undivided punjab.

  7. hello ' you commented January-31-2015-I'm Ravinder Singh boparai
    very nice you love Punjab
    and you love Punjabi people......
    thx ....

  8. your blog related punjabi culture is the best topic